this is one of the dresses i took on my recent vacation to puerto rico.  which was AWESOME, btw – such a beautiful island.   this pic was taken right before my vicious sunburn kicked in, but even that didn’t ruin it.  my young man and i spent 4 days there and are looking forward to returning as soon as possible.outfit details: record-and-hibiscus print dress is vintage; red ruffle shorts are swing dance gear and are vintage too; blue sandals are by my beloved mr. fluevog; silk hair flower is self-made

song inspiration: “bernadette” by paul simon and marc anthony.  this song is from paul simon’s musical about a puerto rican kid who joined a gang in nyc and murdered a couple of other kids at a very young age.  it’s called ‘the capeman’ because the kid wore a cape.  it’s an interesting story but the musical kinda failed.  this song is awesome though – perfect for warm nights.


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