so i was lucky enough to spend 4 days in sunny austin, texas for the south by southwest interactive festival.  since the weather was so nice, i got to wear some spring dresses.  i got my photo taken by a number of street fashion blogs too, which was awesome.  please excuse my chicago winter paleness.i went shopping at a few vintage stores on south congress and bought some cool stuff, which will be making appearances on this blog soon enough.  the coolest was this star wars bag:and here i am rocking it on my way over to the conference center, yo:

outfit details: orangey wedding cake dress is handmade vintage; red checked picnic table dress is some throwaway brand purchased at buffalo exchange; sunglasses are cheapies; blue sandals are fluevogs; star wars bag is from parts & labour in austin

song inspiration: “you got yr. cherry bomb” by spoon – i figured an austin band would be the appropriate since this is my token sxsw post

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  1. Kasmira says:

    Oh! Love that bag! So neat.

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