now that spring is here, all of my square dance dresses are coming out.  they are so fun to swirl around in.  and the purple figures on this one are actually tiny square dancing couples.  (and no, i don’t actually square dance, thanks for asking.) this awesome belt was an anniversary present from my boyfriend.  he even had my name stamped into the back!  i can switch out belt buckles and i feel like i might have to start collecting them.  uh oh.  that’s all i need is something else to collect, non?

outfit details: square dance dress is rockmount; purple cardigan is from the gap; pewter wedges are steve madden; belt is from alcala’s western wear here in chicago; purple tights are hue

song inspiration: an acoustic version of “paint the moon” by the czars.  the singer of this band, john grant, has one of my very favorite voices and i used to go see this band all the time when i lived in denver.  and i just found out that he has a new solo record coming out that he recorded with midlake, so i am looking forward to that.

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i enjoy good books good tunes good food good wine good times good rhymes goodnight

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  1. […] awesome western belt was my anniversary present from my fiance.  it has my name impressed into the back of it, but today i thought i’d show off the turquoise buckle […]

  2. […] why were we jumping, you ask?  i’m not quite sure, but i love the pic.  i am wearing this square dance dress with a vintage vest over the […]

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