when my friend jenn saw me come in to the office today she squealed.  why?  because my attire today happens to match the cupcakes she brought in to work.  see what i mean?  and yes, she let me eat the cupcake after we documented the phenomenon on film.  what a great person to work with, eh?

i take my cupcakes seriously, people.  behold:

outfit details: pink tuxedo dress is vintage and was probably a maxi but was cut off before i got a hold of it; black leather-look leggings are american apparel; black wedge boots are miss sixty; pink hat and black studded belt are generic ebay finds; chocolate cupcake with pink frosting is from lovely bake shop

song inspiration: “stay positive” by the hold steady.  let me start off by saying that if i was still in school i would write papers on the hold steady’s lyrics – craig finn is probably my favorite lyricist out there right now.  the songs are like short stories or movie vignettes that reference everything from literary classics to classic rock tunes to the catholic church to finn’s older band lifter puller.  there is actually a story line to all of the records, one that music geeks like me love to figure out and argue on these here intarwebz, and one that overlaps drugs and religion and downward spirals and redemption in fascinating parallels, very springsteen-esque at times.  he chants more than sings, but the music in awesome enough to pull you in and they do some really interesting things instrumentally.  i am sadly a bit disappointed by my first few listens of their new album heaven is whenever (which lands in may), but maybe it will grow on me, and in the meantime this older stuff is just as good as ever.

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