i just got back from yet another weekend in austin.  this time we went for a wedding (among other things that will be mentioned soon) and i dressed poorly for it – it was one of those evenings where i kept vowing to myself that i would never wear this dress again, no matter what.  i felt wide and fumbly and ungainly and awkward in the neck ruffle and like i had cleavage everywhere, something i try to avoid in general, let alone at sacred events like weddings.  sheesh.  but i can’t help loving the dress itself – i bought it on ebay for $5 and it can’t help the fact that it doesn’t look that great on me.  and it photographs beautifully doesn’t it?  i love yellow.

i know this is a weird pic because of the sun on my face, but it’s the only one i have that shows my shoes.  and these babies are surprisingly comfortable for being a 4 inch wedge, so they deserve to be shown.

outfit details: yellow sunflower dress is vintage; yellow snakeskin wedges are bcbg; jewelry is from ebay; bow headband is from urban outfitters

song inspiration: “boys don’t cry” by the cure.  ah the cure – one of the best bands ever, imho.  robert smith turned 51 last week.  it seems hard to believe that this song came out in 1979 and yet still sounds awesome and very current.  and this vid is cool – check out the shadows.

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i enjoy good books good tunes good food good wine good times good rhymes goodnight

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  1. Clare says:

    I love the Cure, I LOVE this dress, and I adore that sunsoaked photo!

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