last night i went to see todd play pedal steel with jenny gillespie at the bottom lounge.  it was warm and windy and excellent weather to break out the ol’ cowboy boots.

this shirt is awesome.  why?  because it has a skull on the back.  surrounded by purty flowers.  yeah, that’s how i roll.

outfit details: red asymmetrical dress is from buffalo exchange – the tags are cut out so i have no idea what line it is; butterfly cowboy boots are steve madden; skull shirt is by libertine

song inspiration: “shells” by jenny gillespie.  she is of course the musician todd played with last night and man, what a voice she has!   her stuff seemed a bit tori amos ish but not as self-indulgent, if that makes sense.  and it is officially the first time i have seen bongos and pedal steel living in harmony on a stage together, so that was cool.  i am looking forward to seeing her play again and checking out some of her records.

About joiezabel

i enjoy good books good tunes good food good wine good times good rhymes goodnight

2 responses »

  1. elwood says:

    No bongos. Tablas, Cajon, and djembe: yes, but no bongos.

  2. joiezabel says:

    that’s what i meant. those things.

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