my camera really sucks, cats and kittens.  i really want to try to post more pics, but there was an “incident” at the beach in puerto rico and since then all pics are kinda fuzzy and weird (no fault at all to amy, my blogtographer here at work).  the days i can get the boy to take some with his fancy camera are few and far between, so until i spring for a new one, i am left to try to pull one or two out of the mess so i can show off my awesome dresses, like this old favorite.  this is one has been a loyal soldier in my wardrobe for many, many years.  it’s vintage rockmount and the colors make me happy every time i wear it.

outfit details: green and orange dress is vintage rockmount; yellow sunnies, jade bracelets and green silk daisy in hair are all purchased from ebay; white canvas wedges are keds.  yes, KEDS.  they make wedges, can you believe it?  so comfy.

song inspiration: “common people” by pulp.  this morning at the office we were trying to come up with the best britpop song of all time, since we’re all pissed off that oasis got 3 of the top 5 spots in some poll xfm did.  this is my pick for best british pop song ever (and there are a lot more i would choose before oasis, by the way).  this video is great too – i love the bored, multi-colored dancers and jarvis cocker looks like such a cute, disinterested new wave lad.


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