tim minnick is my account counterpart/partner-in-crime at colossal squid and he’s quite the snazzy dresser.  it’s been awhile since i featured a guy outfit on threadphones, so i asked him if he would guest today, especially as he rode his kickass motorcycle to work.   motorcycles make great fashion accessories, people.

see what i mean?  SNAZZY!

here he is in his canadian tuxedo getting ready to speed home after a long day at the office

outfit details: plaid shirt is banana republic slim fit; jeans are 7 for all mankind; shoes are by puma; aviator sunnies are from a truck stop; 70’s denim jacket is vintage; bike is a 1981 Honda CB750

song inspiration: “i know i’m not wrong” by the 1900’s.    tim is a founding member of this awesome chicago band and if you look hard you can see him banging away on the ol’ drums in this video.  in one of life’s little coincidences, this clip is from a show i booked at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art a few years ago, way before tim and i knew each other.    he’s got a new music project in the works and i am sure he will continue the awesome with it…i’ll keep you posted when it hits.

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  1. fashionflirt says:

    Motorcycles are the best accessory. My first trip to NYC, the friend I stayed with owns a bike, and every time I go he takes me on long tours of the city on his bike. Manhattan and Brooklyn at night on the back of a motorcycle rocks my world.

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