this is one of the most comfortable dresses i own.  i always wear it while traveling.  you’re a lot more likely to get bumped up to first or business class if you look halfway nice, so i try to put in a little effort while still wearing something lounge-able.

remember phonebooths?  this red one we passed made me just a little nostalgic for the time before cell phones, so i had to stop and get a picture taken with it.

outfit details: black embroidered dress was purchased on a day trip to mexico when i was staying in arizona a few years ago; blue sandals are fluevogs; yellow sunnies and blue hat are generic ebay finds

song inspiration: “victoria” by the kinks.  a semi-ironic song about ‘simpler times.’  i have been so into the kinks lately, partly because ray davies is doing a collaboration album of kinks songs with such artists as lucinda williams and mumford and sons…should be good stuff  yay.  this band was ahead of its time, as this live performance from 1979 shows.


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  1. Sally says:

    You have a seriously enviable dress collection, lady!

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