this is a screenprinted dress i bought at parts & labour, an awesome store on south congress in austin that carries handmade jewelry, apparel and accessories, all designed and put together by local artists.  i can spend hours browsing in there, and you can order from their website too – it’s a great place to get unique things that you’ll never see anywhere else.

the dress has cameras and tripods printed on it in a barely discernible blue, and this image on the bottom:

it’s a bit chilly in my office, so here’s the dress with the jacket i brought along for when i started shivering.  i like bows.

bonus shot: ruger felt left out and wanted to get in on the picture action again this morning.

outfit details: ice blue dress is from parts & labor; shoes are fluevogs; tweed jacket is from urban outfitters; ring and bracelets are thrifted

song inspiration: “wrapped up in books” by belle and sebastian.  i’ve been a fan of these guys for years, and was feeling very twee this morning as i was getting ready.  it’s this eggshell color blue or something – it always seems very dainty and refined to me.  and i had weird dreams last night and just want to gaze soulfully out the window while daydreaming of trips to far away places, so b&s is the perfect soundtrack to that kind of wistful feelin’.


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