this is my friend and one of my very favorite coworkers leslie blair – she always looks fabulous and has a really unique style that i admire and coo over, so she has finally submitted to my requests (demands?) to take a picture of her for threadphones.  she is also the one that makes all that awesome jewelry i keep bragging about.

doesn’t she look smashing lounging in our work lobby?

outfit details: ribbon wedges are Unlisted; skirt is Calvin Klein; silvery wrap sweater is Shae; white buttonup is Faconnable; glasses are by Prada; necklace is Leslie Blair, of course

song inspiration: “robin hood intro” by roger miller.  the whistling in this song makes me so happy, and leslie makes me so happy, so it seemed like the perfect little tune to accompany her guest appearance here.  i can’t wait to see this disney flick again now that i know that roger miller did the soundtrack.  i have really been in to old timey honky-tonk stuff lately, and rog is right up there with the best ones.


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  1. Stacey says:

    She looks beautiful! how tall is she?
    i was expecting to see more picture of her 😦
    Can you make her post some more on your site?
    More power! keep it up!

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