i call this one my peacock dress, for reasons apparent in the below photo:

i really like this bracelet combination.  pleasantly jangly.

bracelets in action

gratuitous shot of the last time i wore this dress, which was in london last summer when i went to visit zak and the indelicates.  on another note, i think i miss having dark hair…good thing i have an appointment next week to get my hair did.

outfit details: vintage square dance dress is another rockmount; blue sandals are fluevogs; jewelry was all picked up any and everywhere, mainly junk lots on ebay and thrift stores

song inspiration: “sympathy for the devil” by the indelicates.  ok, so this band is awesome on multiple levels.  they have 2 really good albums out overseas but i am recording an ep with them in austin this coming september which will be their first release in the usa.  simon and julia indelicate are also amazing people who just started their own record label in europe.  it’s called corporate records and has the best logo ever.  it runs on a radiohead-type model – bands can sign themselves to it and people pay what they think the albums are worth.  really a fascinating concept and i am intrigued to watch how it will take off.  definitely give them a listen, as i can guarantee you will be hearing more of them in general and definitely here on threadphones.


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3 responses »

  1. fashionflirt says:

    The ring/bangle combo is friggin’ wicked. I will likely wind up using your hands and wrists as inspiration in the next few weeks.


  2. Gwen says:

    I really want to know where and how much do you buy this stuff..
    I want to get the same things you have and I can send you a picture for you know that I am your number 1 fan when it comes to fashion.

  3. Stacey says:

    Is that expensive? What I mean the accessories that you have.. because I was looking on an online shop with the same style but they are not cheap.. 😦
    Can you help me look for one?

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