there is a very interesting story behind this dress, but i don’t have time to share it now.  it has to do with receiving a windfall of amazing vintage to wear on this blog, and details will be forthcoming.

check out how awesomely my new keds (yes, KEDS!) go with this oriental-flavored dress.  it please me.

outfit details: handmade asian dress is vintage and a gift – story coming soon, i promise; linen wedges are keds

song inspiration: “5 years time” by noah and the whale.  this song just speaks summer to me.  i have put it on so many mixtapes that i can’t even count them.  i don’t have time to wax eloquent right now, but please enjoy – it will put a smile on your face if you’re not a grinch.


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i enjoy good books good tunes good food good wine good times good rhymes goodnight

5 responses »

  1. Sally says:

    Jealous already! Can’t wait to hear the story … that dress is mouth-wateringly gorgeous.

  2. fashionflirt says:

    Shut your mouth – awesome! Love the dress, the print is fantastic, and your hair looks amazing!

  3. Fashionista says:

    I hope I can try it as well. I will see if it will look great on me.
    I want to see more asian type of dress.
    More! more! more!

  4. John says:

    You really have what it takes to be a model!
    Your beauty were multiplied when you wear asian dress.

  5. Claire says:

    awesome wedges!

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