although i have been having fun wearing clothes as always, i have really only had the time/inclination to update once a week or so lately.  part of it is being crazy busy with work and moving and planning the wedding and various side projects, and part of it is my camera is getting worse and worse.  it’s like it has a weird film on it or something, no pun intended.

once i get a new camera (i have my eye on the the canon s90) i think i will feel more inspired to post pics.  it will be mine some day, oh yes it will.  in the meantime, here is another filmy photograph of yours truly.

outfit details: black dress is from hot topic. red maryjanes are tsubos; red full slip is vintage; pearls, sunnies and belt were purchased on ebay

song inspiration: “you are the light (by which i travel into this and that)” by jens lekman.  melodic, whimsical and featuring a kickass horn quartet, this is one of my favorite tunes by swedish singer/songwriter jens lekman.  his lyrics kinda take all of his stuff to the next level – they’re clever and wry, and add an extra dimension to the pop-infused tunes and literal bells and whistles he likes to add to the orchestration.


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i enjoy good books good tunes good food good wine good times good rhymes goodnight

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  1. Clare says:

    Ooh, love me some Jens…

    And the colors/layers/pearls are perfect!

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