i am way behind on photos and i have changed my hair up recently, so i am going to post some various pics from my backlog of outfit photos all at once.  i have also been losing some weight, so i want to get these up so i can start posting more recent ones where i am a little more pleased with my appearance. so without further ado…here we go.  this is a vintage gingham dress i have been wearing a lot lately – it’s so comfy and i  love the pockets.

these are some amazing vintage fluevog boots that i got on ebay for a ridiculously low price.  i literally clutched them to my chest in glee when i got them in the mail.

this is a crappy picture but i really liked this outfit so i am posting it anyway.  the shirt with the dove and ribbons is from urban outfitters and the skirt is 2 vintage nylon slips layered over each other.  the shoes are steve madden.

and here is the most amazing picture of all time – me and my best friend zak jumping.  why were we jumping, you ask?  i’m not quite sure, but i love the pic.  i am wearing this square dance dress with a vintage vest over the top and the sandals are fluevogs.  i do love me some fluevogs.

song inspiration: “the suburbs” by arcade fire.  i have really been digging arcade fire’s new album the suburbs.  it’s their third one and they are obviously one of those bands that is just going to put out something meaningful and gorgeous every single time.  to give you an idea of the record’s subject matter, let me reference a quote from pitchfork’s review of it: “the bulk of The Suburbs focuses on this quiet desperation borne of compounding the pain of wasting your time as an adult by romanticizing the wasted time of your youth.”  um, relevant much?  i think so.  this is actually a fan made video to the studio version of the song, but i think it’s pretty good.  i also think this band is truly amazing and i cannot wait to see them perform this live.


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  1. fashionflirt says:

    Can’t wait to see your new hair! Also: those Fluevog boots are delicious.

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