well, well, well..it’s been awhile.  i assure you i have continued wearing clothes in my blogging absence, but a combination of a shitty camera, a dislocated knee, moving into a new flat and preparations for my upcoming wedding (3 weeks!) have kept posting low on my list of priorities.  however, it’s great fun blogging about my two great loves of vintage and music and i miss it, so i am going to pick it up again.  starting now.  plus no one at work ever notices my outfits or cares about my mixtapes anymore, so i need a virtual soapbox from which to preach and flaunt.

this fruit is a mangorine.  yes, that’s a combination of a mango and a nectarine.  can you imagine anything more delicious?

outfit details: creamy lawn prairie dress is a handmade vintage nightgown; red shoes are tsubos; red leather belt is marc jacobs; gold slave bracelet is thrifted; steampunk brass bolt earrings were a gift

song inspiration: “if you’re feeling sinister” by belle & sebastian.  so i was listening to an advance copy of belle and sebastian’s new album write about love that comes out next month and while it’s not bad, at first listen it made me miss old belle and sebastian so much.  if you’re feeling sinister is the album that first got me into them way back when in 1998, and i don’t mean to be “that girl” but i feel like their last few releases just don’t measure up to the old ones.   however, they always grow on me, and ‘average’ belle and sebastian is far better than most ‘good’ chamber pop out there, so don’t think i am unappreciative of their new album.  i will give it many more listens before i make my decision, but in the meantime, watch this awesome live performance of the s/t track from sinister and allow me to feel mildly nostalgic.


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  1. Sally says:

    WHAT? DISLOCATED KNEE?!?!? Oh lady, sorry you were injured, but so glad you’re healed! And this might be the best Acrea-based outfit ever worn.

  2. fashionflirt says:

    Boo for injury, YAY for posting again. You look fantastic. That dress is perfect on you.

    I had no idea your wedding is so near! I love October weddings. They’re my favorite, I think. Hoping you’ll post pics of that, too!

  3. ang says:

    those red shoes look amazing on you! If you ever don’t want them, give them to me. oh, and can you send me the link to the wedding site? i totally lost it.

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