i must confess that i am a few weeks behind with pictures.  i think i am technically too busy too have a blog, which makes me sad, because i do enjoy it when i get around to updating.  anyway, this was taken on a beautiful fall day in branson, missouri, on the balcony of the condo my parents got us for a honeymoon gift.

i have had this patchwork dress for years.  it has a collar that looks awesome over sweaters like this cashmere one.

outfit details: patchwork dress is handmade vintage; shoes are 70’s deadstock bought in memphis, dusty rose tights are hue; teal cashmere sweater is thrifted and has a barney’s label in it

song inspiration: “circles” by the giving tree band.  i fell in love with this song when i went to see thrift store cowboys open for the gtb here in chicago recently.  they seem like pretty amazing guys…the album this song is on is one of the ‘greenest’ albums ever made – it was recorded using only solar power and everyone in the band planted trees to offset their carbon footprint while touring for it.  very cool, plus the band itself is named after an amazing shel silverstein book.  i have been digging this bluegrassy tune a lot lately, and it will definitely show up on my best of 2010 list..


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i enjoy good books good tunes good food good wine good times good rhymes goodnight

2 responses »

  1. Bonnie says:

    I love that dress!!! And the shoes!!

  2. Bonnie says:

    Oh my gosh. Just listened to the song, too. LOVE it.

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