the first snow of the winter, on my street in ukrainian village.  i am trying to wear my mustard coat as much as possible before it gets too cold in chicago to wear it.  another thing?  this dress literally fell apart over the day i wore it.  that’s the danger of vintage – the seams can come apart if you look at them too hard, so since it was disintegrating around me i pretty much wore this coat all day as a part of my ensemble.  good thing my office is chilly.

giving ruger a little pat before he runs off to sniff at all the weird cold stuff on the ground.  it’s a first snow tradition.

the coat kept me warm when i met two of my good buddies out for drinks later in the evening.  i used to work with these dudes 10 years ago.  old friends are a good accessory, no?

outfit details: brown knit dress was purchased on ebay and is now in pieces.  i can’t decide whether it’s worth fixing or not.  i’m kind of mad at it; moccasin boots are by report and i have had them for years and years; tan tights are hue; mustard coat with asymmetrical buttons is by lux; suede hat with giant fur pompom is vintage and thrifted

song inspiration: “lemon world” by the national.  man i love this band.  i’m still finalizing my annual ‘best of’ mix and there will definitely be a song from this album on it.  it’s just picking which one…it gets harder the more i love an album to pick just one song.  and this live version might be enough to push ‘lemon world’  – it brings the beautiful, no doubt.

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3 responses »

  1. Sally says:

    That hat rules.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Great coat, great shoes, love the photo of Ruger, sad about that dress. I would be mad at it too!

  3. fashionflirt says:

    POM POM HAT! Shut up. AMAZING.

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