presenting my end of the year christmas party finery.  i think i am going to use this picture on my sxsw badge this year – that’s how much i like it.

the full dress in all its polka dotted glory

outfit details: dress is vintage; shoes are uo; hair fascinator is handmade

song inspiration: i’ve made a ‘best songs that came out in the year’ mix every year since 1993…i am quite passionate about it and put a great deal of effort into defining my list every year. here is 2010’s track list. i always like to know what you like, what i missed, etc, so feel free to shoot comments my way.  if you are interested, leave a comment with your email and i will send you a link where you can download the whole mix…just let me know if you want it.  also, i know arcade fire has 2 songs on here but i couldnt decide and, as i tend to get a little ocd over mixtaping, chose to “grow” a little and post it with both songs.

without further ado, here are my favorite songs of 2010:
1. doug burr – a black wave is comin’
2. stars – dead hearts
3. morning benders – excuses
4. vampire weekend – giving up the gun
5. the weepies – i was made for sunny days
6. the magnetic fields – you must be out of your mind
7. david burn and fatboy slim – a perfect hand
8. insane clown posse – miracles
9. local natives – airplanes
10. yeasayer – ambling alp
11. delta spirit – bushwhick blues
12. the pains of being pure at heart – heart in your heartbreak
13. mumford & sons – the cave
14. allo darlin’ – my heart is a drummer
15. beach house – norway
16. the indelicate – we love you, tania
17. jenny and johnny – big wave
18. belle & sebastian – i want the world to stop
19. james – rabbit hole
20. the love language – heart to tell
21. the national – conversation 16
22. cults – go outside
23. arcade fire – suburban war
24. dr. dog – jackie wants a black eye
25. gorillas – on melancholy hill
26. arcade fire – sprawl II (mountains beyond mountains)
27. the giving tree band – circles
28. monahans – diamonds

i’m gonna have to go with icp for video of the year – we watch this at least once a week at work.  it is freakin’ HILARIOUS.  behold:

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i enjoy good books good tunes good food good wine good times good rhymes goodnight

3 responses »

  1. ~B. says:

    I love the whole, entire outfit!!!! You look like a magnificent flower!

  2. Sally says:

    First off, that dress is breathtaking. As is the fascinator.

    Second, I, too have been doing yearly mixes but have tired of burning CDs and mailing them. I’d love a link to yours, and would really love help setting up links to my own!

  3. fashionflirt says:

    I would LOVE a link to your mix! Those songs are fantastic.

    Speaking of fantastic … That fascinator? ZOMG. Also – who says you aren’t photogenic, silly girl? You’re gorgeous, and that first picture is stunning. And the dress makes me smile. Big time.

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