my old friends evan and jennie came to visit right before christmas.  they themselves are not old, of course, but i have been friends with evan for 13 years, so he’s one of my oldest and dearest buddies.  they are both intelligent and funny people and todd and i had a blast with them.  in addition to (both) being in the band the polyphonic spree, jennie is also a stellar cook and a major food-lover (i refuse to use the word foodie), and she set us up with an amazing dinner at boka.  check out her review of our stellar meal on her food blog perfect last bite…it makes me salivate all over again.  on top of all that, she has a really lovely fashion sense and a unique style.  here she is during our trip to the spice house wearing diane von furstenberg and a beautiful felt hat she picked up that day at the levi’s store in wicker park.

here are evan and jennie in front of my favorite statue in chicago.  i think they look like a 1970’s french folk singer duo.

one of the nights they were here todd went home early while we closed down my friend’s bar paddy long’s, as you can see from the upended bar stools behind us.  this photo was taken around 3am.  it was good times.

song inspiration: “light and day” by the polyphonic spree.  an obvious choice of song for this post, don’t you agree?  not only can you see evan and jennie doing their thing in this video, you can also get a feeling for how fun the spree’s live show is.  i have seen them many many times over the years and had a marvelous time at every show.

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