did you make it through the snowmagedon?  i sure did, once i finally got back to my flat to get snuggly snowed in.  we were at a funeral out in indiana on tuesday, and we barely made it back to the city, since we left to drive back just as the blizzard was just kicking in to its full strength.  it was a beautiful church and a touching ceremony for Todd’s aunt.  You can see the cemetery where she was buried behind me.

i don’t like to wear all black, even at a funeral.  i need to fit in some color somehow, but i think i managed to remain appropriate.

outfit details: black dress is vintage; patent wedge boots are 80/20; hat and scarf are thrifted; blue and pink swirly tights are hue

song inspiration: “power and glory” by lou reed.  this song is from the album memory and loss, which is a very stark, difficult and HEAVY album that lou reed wrote and recorded after someone close to him died.  it perfectly captures the bittersweetness of life and the pain of losing someone and actually goes through all the stages of grief with each song on the album.  i have given it to many friends when people close to them passed away and it seems like it helps them feel like they are not the only one who has passed through that valley.  you kind of need to listen to the whole album to really get the full spectrum of what he is trying to share, but this song is quite beautiful on its own as well


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