i took these pictures myself with the self timer in a board room (bored room?) at work – that’s why the light is weird.  no one is around today because of the holiday, but i love this outfit so much that i had to capture it before i leave for my weekend in nyc.  check out the collar.  and the pockets!

i love pattern mixing!

Here’s a closeup of the print on this vintage orange dress, which i just purchased from flourclothing on etsy.  I will definitely be bookmarking her shop for future purchases.

outfit details: vintage dress purchased on etsy; flowered button down underneath is handmade vintage; tights are we love colors; shoes are fluevogs from the summertime family

song inspiration: “on and on” by the longpigs.  this song defines a certain time for me, a time when i felt every single word of this in regard to the guy i was dating at the time.  it sounds very romantic, but it’s actually a song about feeling trapped.  it’s pretty cool to listen to it again years later and still love it, even though lyrically it couldn’t be farther than the way i feel now that i’m so happily married up and shizz.


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