this seagreen dress is what i wore my first day in new york city last weekend.  it was an absolutely lovely 3 days, gorgeous weather, probably a little too hot for polyester but whatever, it was a blast and i felt swingy and springy in it.  i wore my new cynthia rowley perforated boots with it and am happy to report that after a great deal of walking and partying, there were no sore feet to speak of at the end of the day.

we had a chillingly early flight and i ended up wearing this dress for about 20 hours when it was all over – i meant to change before dinner but we ended up walking all over brooklyn and then going straight to our dinner at Cafe Katja, a delicious little Austrian place on the Lower East Side.  And when i say little, i mean little – it was tiny!  a bit  hot and crowded but the gracious owner seated our table of ten gracefully, and have you ever noticed how much you don’t care how sweaty and disheveled you may look when you are having a great time with friends?  we met up with a bunch of folks, including my gorgeous friend andrea.  the below photo is a snap of andrea, my husband todd, me and the owner of the restaurant (which i highly recommend if you like viennese food).

outfit details: vintage dress is handmade;boots are cynthia rowley; silk scarf is vintage; bag is by tiganello

song inspiration: “slow show” by the national.  my favorite band from brooklyn right now.  actually, one of my very favorite bands from anywhere right now.

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i enjoy good books good tunes good food good wine good times good rhymes goodnight

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  1. fashionflirt says:

    I just bought nail polish in that exact colour, and can’t wait to put it on. And also, those boots are AMAZING.

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