presenting the awesome batik dress my brother pascal brought me from senegal.  he brought my husband todd the panther shirt he is wearing as well.  we are so looking forward to going to africa over christmas to visit pascal and his family, and not just for the awesome shopping in dakar either.  i grew up in senegal but i haven’t been back in ages, so i have every expectation that it has changed almost beyond recognition, but at the same time it will be like going home.

here is another quick snap of me with my brother pascal and my sister kari.  as you can see, i was not the only recipient of an amazing african batik dress.

outfit details: batik dress is from the artisanal market in dakar, senegal; shoes are fluevog summertimes;yellow necklace purchased from a street vendor in frisco, colorado; patent yellow bag was my birthday present from my amazing mom and is kate spade

song inspiration: “set” by youssou n’dour.  youssou n’dour is one of the more famous singers from senegal, and he lives very close to where pascal lives in dakar.  just the sound of west african music makes me homesick.  i cannot wait for our visit in december!


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