here’s my purple feather dress, purchased at a street market.  boy, this thing is cheaply made, but i love it nonetheless.  yay for fashion tape to hold it together, eh?  to be honest, i don’t think this dress looks good on me at all…it’s a shapeless sack with no structure.  that’s one of the reasons i love vintage so much.  it’s so well made and flattering compared to so many items you purchase now.  but hey, life’s an experiment and you can call me dr. bunsen.

here’s today’s obligatory cute terrier picoutfit details: dress is a no-name cheapie; heels are naughty monkey; all jewelry is thrifted (except my wedding ring, o’course); dog is by jack russell

song inspiration: “don’t marry her” by the beautiful south.  man, i used to love this band back int he day.  i loved the 80’s band the housemartins too, which was paul heaton’s band prior, but the beautiful south has always been first for me.  this is the uncensored version of this song, and it’s pretty grand.

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3 responses »

  1. Vanessa says:

    I think styling it with a belt gives it shape for sure… even if it may have started out more “sack”-like!
    Lovely colors, once again!

  2. ~B. says:

    Love the dress, and V is right, the belt works!!

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