i thrifted this fantastic dress/tunic thingie this weekend.  it’s silky and colorful and has these amazing sleeves like big watercolor balloons of light.  or something like that.

ruger seemed to like it too.  terriers have great taste in clothing.

much like red bull, this dress gives me wings.

outfit details: thrifted dress has an ‘h&m signature’ tag in it; heels are naughty monkey; leggings are we love colors; all jewelry is thrifted

song inspiration: “the clockwise witness” by devotchka.  one of my favorite bands from when i lived in denver and since, devotchka is a gypsy-rock quartet with an intellectually bittersweet edge.  in a nutshell, they combine a tom waits-y feel with a fiddling, eastern european circus band.  my husband did a tour awhile back opening for them, and he said they are the nicest people ever, so that’s pretty awesome too.

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i enjoy good books good tunes good food good wine good times good rhymes goodnight

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  1. […] official.  i just can’t stop wearing this weird tunic thing i thrifted recently.  also, balloons are my new accessory.  don’t they make even a casual outfit look […]

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