my best friend from college and her 12 year old daughter were visiting from texas this weekend and i took them and my sister to my favorite thrifting haunts on the west side of chicago.  i got to be a personal shopper and pick things out for everyone and we all scored some really awesome stuff.  then we went home and threw on some of our finds and went out to dinner.  it was a pretty awesome time.

my gorgeous sister kari bought this suede strapless dress ($17!) that fit her like it was made for her.  here she is wearing it with a new necklace i scored.

i found angie this vintage maxi dress and the amazing turquoise necklace she is wearing with it.  it will be perfect for a busy mom (she has 4 daughters) to wear around town and still look cute and fashionable.

for angie’s mini-me/my goddaughter aly i found this erin fetherston for target bunny print dress.  she also got the cute little jacket with the sequined shoulders she is wearing with it.  how adorable is she?!?

outfit details: mostly scored at the wicker park buffalo exchange and vintage underground

song inspiration: “drone” by david garza.  david garza is a pretty celebrated texas musician who has been playing under various names and bands for the last 20 years or so (twang twang shock-a-boom, dah-veed, the lovebeads).  angie and i used to go see him ALL THE TIME when we were in college and all of his music just brings back so many memories from those years.  the dallas and austin music scene in the 90’s was pretty great, really. todd and i actually flew to austin to see the twang twang shock-a-boom reunion  last year, but this clip is from the show in dallas.  and, while looking for one of his videos online for this post, i just noticed that the bass player in this live clip is my husband’s old college roommate too.  ah, synchronicity.

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