i showed you everyone else’s awesome thrifting finds yesterday, but here is one of the dresses that i scored for myself ($11).  it’s bias cut and has a pinky/purpley southwestern print and i fell in love with it instantly.  my friend doug took some pics of my outfit yesterday after work and managed to catch these beautiful sunbeams as an added bonus.

i wore my libertine jacket with a crow on the back and it made me feel interesting all day.  and i like feeling interesting.

props to my handsome pal doug for taking these pics for me.  he’s a good friend.  next happy hour at the canister is on me!

anyway, back the the dress…i have so many ideas for how to wear this dress in the fall too, with tights and boots and such.  here’s a slightly different way i wore it over the weekend.  i am loving the minor pattern mixing with the shoes, so i didn’t even switch those out.  i’m getting old and predictable, guys.

outfit details: dress is thrifted and has the tag cut out; polka dot sandals are chic; bird jacket is libertine for target; purple sweater is zara; all jewelry is thrifted

song inspiration: “all i ever wanted” by airborne toxic event.  i’ve seen this band live 3 or 4 times and it’s always a good show.  i haven’t fully digested their new album yet, but this live performance is pretty stellar, what with the magnificent string section and all.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    $11? Commence insane jealousy, tearing of hair, etc.

  2. […] details: dress is thrifted (also worn here); boots are doc martens; yellow cashmere sweater is bcbg via thrift store; tights are hue; belt, […]

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