i know i just posted this feather dress recently, but hey, it’s what i wore this past holiday weekend so you’re gonna have to deal.  i did switch the styling up a little so i could wear my awesome teal suede boots.  it was a gorgeous labor day weekend and we did some rare shopping in the suburbs – here is a silly candid shot where i am apparently dancing in the costco parking lot.  what can i say, going to costco is exciting for me.

we stopped in at my aunt’s house in the ‘burbs and i harvested some GIANT zucchinis from her garden.  one could seriously use this big squash as a weapon.  consider that a threat if you want to.

ruger got to come out to the suburbs with us.  this terrier loves a good car ride.

outfit details: dress is a no-name cheapie; teal suede boots are qupid; feather earrings purchased at a street fair in austin; all other jewelry is thrifted; terrier is by jack russell

song inspiration: “the rat” by the walkmen. ah memories…this song pretty much sums up fall/winter of 2008 for me.  and holy crap, is this live version ever good!  seriously, this band live is an incredibly intense experience.  i am going to see them at the chicago theatre on sept 30th (with fleet foxes, of all bands.  who bo0ked this tour, i wonder?) and i seriously cannot wait.  i dig a well-recorded album and i dig a good live performance, but the absolute best is when a band consistently blows me away with both, and the walkmen are for sure one of those bands.


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  1. Tiffany says:

    Gah, I love the Walkmen and The Rat totally takes me back too! Also, those teal boots are fabulous, I would want to wear them everywhere with everything.

  2. Clare says:

    Dude, our garden is producing monster zukes like those. It’s overwhelming, and totally awesome. Also, parking lot dancing for the win!

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