quick snap of the one modcloth dress i own.  it’s cute enough in theory, but it’s ridiculously too short to wear without leggings so i don’t plan on ordering from them again, especially after the african skirt faux pas that my favorite website gomi so snarkily exposed awhile back.

also, i have a new glow-in-the-dark frisbee.  you are so jealous right now.  that is all.

outfit details: dress is one of those modcloth brands; flats are my trusty merrells; leggings are vera wang; feather earrings are urban outfitters via ebay; hair bow is from dear beatrice‘s etsy store

song inspiration: “plasticities” by andrew bird (and martin dosh).  andrew bird is one of my favorite musicians (and he’s from chicago!).  he makes that rare breed of music where he writes excellent songs and melodies, his recorded stuff is amazing, and his live shows are stellar too.  when he plays live it’s a very visual experience as well as an aural one – he builds the song as you watch, starting with pizzicato and adding layers of whistling and violin before he ever starts singing.  it’s quite fascinating and beautiful to watch.  dosh plays the drums and he’s pretty brilliant too.


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  1. Kimi says:

    Not only are Modcloth dresses scandalously short, they are also (usually) practically transparent. I’m with you – I ordered one once, balked at the fit and quality, and don’t plan on ordering from them again. As for the African skirt debacle – GROAN!

    That said, this is cute! And not at all scandalous once you add the leggings.

    You can definitely SOMI.

  2. fashionflirt says:

    Best purse ever. I love bright bags. They’re the best. It is so you, too! Awesome.

  3. meghanpurvis says:

    Ooh, I love everything about this outfit. And hilariously to me (but probably not to anyone else on the planet), I just realised I’m belated to this blog post because I hate Andrew Bird (sorry!) and was avoiding clicking because of it. Damn you Andrew Bird, not even your telepathic skills of fashion guidance will make me like you…

  4. Erick B says:


    I figured that fans of Andrew Bird would want to know that on the NORMAN movie Facebook page, there are two exclusive Andrew Bird tracks from the upcoming soundtrack release. These tracks are not available anywhere else and will only be posted until October 3.

    NORMAN is an award-winning film; a funny, yet intelligent and deeply felt portrayal of a troubled high-school teenager. We’re working with To Write Love On Her Arms and others to use the film as a way to raise awareness about teen depression and suicide, the 3rd leading cause of death for 18-24 year old Americans!

    Here’s the link to the tracks: listn.to/normanmovie

    Thanks so much.

    the NORMAN crew

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