the cool thing about wearing a good vintage dress is you can put it on for a day at the office…

and still not look completely out of place for an impromptu night of retro dancing at neo.  my friend cat and i just had to hit it last thursday since it was erasure vs omd.  a good time was had by all.

here is catscratch herself during a quick dancing break.  i still can’t believe she actually danced in those cute but dangerous shoes.

quick “artistic” shot taken with my phone’s vintage camera app.  it’s pretty cool little toy.

outfit details: green polyester wiggle dress is vintage; purple suede shoes are aerosole; purple tights are vera wang; yellow bag is kate spade

song inspiration: “dreaming” by OMD, or Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.  i was in junior high when this song came out.  it was one of the first tapes i ever bought.    yes, i said tapes.  don’t judge me.  and just look how freakin’ happy they are in this video…ah, memories.


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  1. Delane says:

    I use to love Neo’s. I have not been there, sadly, for 10 years!!! Good times were had on the dance floor though. Love the teal and purple.

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