since we are having what will probably be the last few nice days in chicago before the weather goes to hell, i thought i would break an old favorite out of the closet.  it’s gorgeous out and i wanted to take advantage of one of the last days that i don’t need tights and wool and the like.

it’s been ages since i last wore this dress – i guess that definitely means i officially have too many in my collection, eh?  if you look at that link, you will see yet another example of how often my hair changes too.

i only have one cute dog in my collection, though, and here i am telling him what’s what.

outfit details: ice blue dress is from parts & labor; shoes are by frye; socks are from we love colors; headband is from muchloveilly; all jewelry is thrifted

song inspiration: “let it ride” by ryan adams and the cardinals.  this is great song to listen to whilst having adventures.  unfortunately, i am listening to it on headphones in my office while having the great adventure of creating wireframes for a website instead of in a convertible headed somewhere cool, but it’s still an awesome tune.  and your trivia for the day – that’s rachael yamagata singing harmony.  i just got ryan adams’ new album ashes & fire, but haven’t really had a chance to digest it and report back yet, so this can hold us over in the meantime.

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i enjoy good books good tunes good food good wine good times good rhymes goodnight

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  1. Anusha says:

    Love the dress! The color is one of my favorites and looks really good on you. And I adore the shoes too!

    You can’t have too many dresses, in my opinion! ^_^

    Love your blog … I added it to my favorites list on mine (Udarata Kella)! Hope you don’t mind?

  2. Mike J says:

    this is actually one of my fave RA songs.
    I must have heard it once and let it rattle around my brain. Then I was humming/strumming something for awhile making what I thought was an awesome new song. Then I heard this song again and was all “Damn you Ryan Adams. DAMN YOU.”, it was exactly what I was writing at the time.

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