today is my ad agency’s 50 year anniversary as a privately-owned marketing company.  it’s kind of a big deal, that.  we have an awesome celebration party planned for tonight, with a bunch of chicago press and drinks and other fun stuff, so i thought the occasion deserved a little leopard print.

i also dragged out my amazing vintage mink cape, which i thrifted in austin for $12 dollars.  it’s pretty much impossible to wear it in chicago, as the weather is consistently either too warm for fur or too cold to wear a cape, but i love it and want to marry it so i bring it out whenever i can.

also, please to check out this two-finger bird ring.  my best friend zak bought me this for my birthday 4 years ago and it always makes me feel like a badass when i wear it.  and i like that feeling.

outfit details: yellow silk dress was purchased on ebay and has a viola tag in it; mango wedges are fluevogs; bronze two-fingered ring is a gift; olive suede bag is coach; leopard print shirt, fur cape and all jewelry and accessories are thrifted

song inspiration: “satisfied” by tom waits.  i know i used a tom waits song in a recent post, but this is the latest single he has released from his new album bad as me and i just had to share it.  i am completely obsessed with this album, you guys.  it’s pretty phenomenal, still his classic growly, jangly sound but also some gorgeously wistful ballads.  i am hoping and praying that he tours for it, as i would do a lot of illegal shit to see him perform this material live.  it would be epic, so cross your fingers with me while you enjoy the video.


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  1. fashionflirt says:

    Aren’t those the best and worst items? You love ’em, and wear ’em when you can, but you’re never really comfortable in them… But you don’t care.

    Your fur cape is fabulous. As is the yellow dress AND the animal print. I love your style!

  2. Megan says:

    Love the shoes. They look great with that outfit!

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