yesterday i was in the mood for a leisurely sunday afternoon brunch, so i gathered together some friends and we checked out a place that recently opened in west town.  bleeding heart is a sustainable bakery and cafe that specializes in punk rock pastry and delicious organic treats.  we had a blast, the food was delicious and i really can’t recommend it enough.   then we walked up to logan square to go to the monthly vintage bazaar at the congress theatre.  the weather was practically balmy and i was enjoyably windblown after our afternoon of walking.

it wouldn’t be an afternoon out in west town without hitting up permanent records to salivate over their vinyl selection.

outfit details: black leather jacket and skirt are both from ebay; cutout wedges are deena & ozzy, also via ebay; striped sweater is vintage saks; fuchsia tights are by spanx; pastel plaid scarf was purrchased at a street fair in the czech republic

song inspiration: “kiss off”  by violent femmes.  this classic tune is of course in honor of going to permanent records, which is named after the speaking part in the middle of the song where he goes “i hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record.”  such a good song, you guys, and this old-school live performance of it is pretty fun too.  wish i could have been there.

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  1. April says:

    One of my favorite songs of all time. I never thought I’d get to see the Femmes in concert, then they played a $3 show in Memphis one summer. It was the best thing ever.

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