it’s getting cold enough to wear the amazing vintage fur coat my beloved aunt gave me.  it’s a shadow mink coat that she has had for many years and i coveted it for ages until she finally caved and gave in to me.  it’s warm and glamorous and can fancy up even the most mundane of thursdays.

i have owned this vintage polyester dress for 10 years.  it never wrinkles and has four leaf clovers on it, so it’s my good luck piece.

outfit details: dress is vintage; sweater is ralph lauren via ebay; cutout wedges are deena and ozzie, also via ebay; flower belt is j.crew via thrift store; tights are spanx; vintage mink coat was a glorious gift

song inspiration: “truth” by alexander ebert.  man, i am really digging this dude’s self-released solo album.  he is the singer with edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros, but i love this stuff way more than i ever did that.  this tune is almost reggae in feel, but like a western reggae with whistling and country instrumentation.  very cool.


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  1. fashionflirt says:

    Four leaf clover dress! That’s awesome! Next best thing to kissing the Blarney stone, I’ll bet.


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