A colorful outfit perfect for a sunday of brunch and shopping at the Dose holiday popup market.  Actually, everything was pretty expensive, so it was more hanging with friends looking at stuff and eating, but a good time was had by all nonetheless.

the market was in a very cool old art gallery. no one cared about the art part of the warehouse, so we had it all to ourselves.  we had fun taking pictures and mocking most of the pieces…generally being philistines.

todd and i right after eating honey butter fried chicken.  yes, you put the honey butter ON the chicken.  look how happy it made us.

outfit details: green chiffon dress is a no-name cheapie purchased on ebay; shoes are bc footwear; cardigan is from the gap; leopard coat is thrifted in london; neon orange tights are hue; accessories are all thrifted;  husband is gifted ( from god, where else?)

song inspiration: “fairytale of new york” by the pogues and kirsty mccoll.  here’s a classic tune for you – it just isn’t the holidays for me until i listen to this song.  now, to be fair, let me mention that i pretty much can’t stand the holiday season, so it makes sense, as the words to this song are way depressing.  however, the music is cheerful and pogues-y, and if anything will get me in the mood to avoid the bah humbugs, it is hearing this song come on the jukebox at the bar in december.  how’s that for holiday cheer?


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i enjoy good books good tunes good food good wine good times good rhymes goodnight

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  1. fashionflirt says:

    Your outfit makes me smile!

  2. Tiffany says:

    I like how you just casually mention that the coat is vintage from london like it’s no big deal, and how you credit your husband as gifted, and that you look as much like a piece of art in that outfit as some of the pieces you photographed- colorful and original.

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