on another day during our visit to dakar we visited the Artisan village, where people sell wood carvings and locally made jewelry and art work.  my senegalese roots came back in a big way and i enjoyed bargaining, but this lady still charged me exorbitant tourist prices for a couple of necklaces, one of which i am wearing in this photo.  to be fair, it is an awesome necklace and goes with almost everything, so i do not regret one little bit having purchased it.

i also some bought some african masks.  i know…cliche, right?

todd and i and some friends hung out at the awesome seaside bar in the artisan village, enjoying both the beautiful view and the local senegalese beer.

later on that day my gorgeous friend akeelah and i took my nephew philippe out for ice cream.  we decided that between the three of us we exemplified the common flavors quite well.

see?  vanilla, caramel and chocolate.  yum.

outfit details: yellow shirt is bcbg; orange dress underneath is vintage; blue flats are merrells; sunglasses are from a gas station near my house; wooden necklace is form artisan village in dakar, senegal; flower hair wreath is self made

song inspiration: “waka waka” by shakira.  this might seem like a weird song for me to choose as i usually stay as far away from radio pop music as i can.  however, i LOVE this song.  it’s catchy, it was the theme song for the 2010 World Cup, and more than all of that, my nephew philippe sang it constantly while we were in senegal so that just adds a layer of nostalgia to it.  plus one of my husband’s best friends recently did the sound for a major sporting event where shakira and 2 other bands performed (one of which was coldplay!) and he told us that the only live mic on the stage the entire show was the one for shakira’s vocals.  you have to respect that in this day and age, you know?


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