i bring this maxi skirt along on almost every trip i take.  it’s silk so it folds up nice and tiny in a carry-on and it’s awesome for staying warm and modest while curling up on an airplane seat.  plus it’s colorful, comfortable and pairs with a plethora of things so i don’t feel like i am wearing the same thing every day.  i wore it while in morocco on another walk over to visit the hassan II mosque.

just to give you an idea of the immenseness of this place…the main door to the mosque weighs 30 tons and dwarfs anything, including me.

the evenings were chilly in morocco, so i added my pink adidas warm-up jacket when we went shopping for carpets in casablanca, which was a whole story in itself.   they bring you tea and give you a whole show, complete with little dude unrolling about 50 rugs into a decadent pile.  we ended up buying an orange berber rug as our one big vacation splurge.

i couldn’t get enough of the moroccan mint tea.  note to self: get one of those little metal teapots that have the built in holder for tea leaves.

here i am on another day in senegal wearing almost the same outfit.  this is the very narrow stairway of the rooftop apartment we stayed at in dakar.

as i am going through all my photos trying to find any kind of “outfit” pics to post here on threadphones, i realize i wore this skirt a ridiculous amount on this trip.  i paired it with my waylon and willie shirt when pascal and aurelie took us on a sunset stroll to the soumbedioune fish market in dakar.

the fish market was ridiculously photogenic.  we took a huge amount of pictures, plus bought a big ol’ fish and cooked it up for dinner.

outfit details: silk maxi skirt is by bcbg; turquoise shirt is vintage; blue flats are merrells; sunglasses are a gift from fLee; wooden necklace is from artisan village in dakar, senegal; waylon and willie shirt is an old concert tee; hat is from alcala’s

song inspiration: “mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys” by willie nelson and waylon jennings.  this is of course in honor of one of my favorite t shirts, pictured above.  plus i just love me some willie nelson in any context.  he’s the coolest guy ever to me and has written some pretty epic songs.  this video is from farm aid in the 80’s – check out the perfectly frayed cut off denim shorts willie was wearing.


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  1. Sugel says:

    Parton has turned down several offers to pose for Playboy magazine, although she did appear on the cover of Playboy’s October 1978 issue wearing a Playboy bunny outfit, complete with ears (the October 1978 Playboy issue also featured Lawrence Grobel ‘s extensive and candid interview with Parton, representing one of her earliest high profile interviews with the mainstream press). The association of breasts with Parton’s public image is illustrated in the naming of Dolly the sheep after her, since the sheep was cloned from a cell taken from an adult ewe’s mammary gland.

  2. If I had a pretty skirt like that, I’d probably wear it every day too. LOL

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