In an effort to keep ourselves from getting old and boring, my dear friend and coworker QueenfLee and I have created Tres Chic Tuesdays.  Pretty much it’s a contrived reason to put together cute outfits from our plethora of clothes instead of getting lethargic and just wearing the same combinations all the time.

Here’s the outfit I put together for today.  I kinda love it, dudes.

square dance dress


Lee’s awesome threads.  I envy this coat more than is appropriate among friends.

vintage coat


we had a lot of fun taking photos outside our office building and entertaining all the smokers milling about wondering what the hell we were doing.



Lee says that detail shots are important to document, I think they are boring.  But she can be annoyingly stubborn when she wants to be, so here you go.

026 025

1005 024

outfit details: both of our dresses and coats are vintage; my red boots are the jeffrey campbell Litas; Lee’s moon boots are Fitflops; jewelry and shizz is from all over, I’m too lazy to do this part.  goodbye.

song inspiration: “Groove is in the Heart” by Deee-Lite.  I was listening to this while getting ready this morning and had my mind blown by the fact that Lady Miss Kier turns 50 this year!  Girl looks good and this is still a killer song.


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  1. Love those Litas! And detail shots are NOT boring, they are coolio like your dress. Speaking of Lady Miss Kier and fashion, I love her outfits as chronicled here:

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