it’s official.  i just can’t stop wearing this weird tunic thing i thrifted recently.  also, balloons are my new accessory.  don’t they make even a casual outfit look prettier?  behold:

outfit details: thrifted dress has an ‘h&m signature’ tag in it, whatever that means; flats are merrells; balloons are “borrowed” from a 2 year old’s birthday party i attended this weekend

song inspiration: “tomorrow” by james.  anyone who knows me at all knows that james is my very favorite band of all time, going all the way back to when i was 16 years old.  most music junkies have at least one band that they have history with and that has grown and changed with them for many years and james is my such band.  i even flew to london for their get-back-together show in 2008.  even though i know their entire catalogue like the back of my hand, some days there is just nothing else i want to listen to.  today is one of those days and this song never fails to uplift me and give me perspective.


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  1. Tiffany says:

    I remember seeing that dress on bloggers a few years ago when the h&m collection came out. I loved the print then, but not the price… so to see that you thrifted it makes me a little jealous but mostly just happy for you.

  2. Clare says:

    Balloons make everything better (though that tunic is pretty rad to begin with)!

  3. Louise says:

    Um, that is an awesome dress! You look so adorable and comfortable and pretty!

  4. Delane says:

    Before I read the post I immediately thought..H&M Garden Line from last year. I tried that on and it was WAY to short on me in the store.

    Looks great!

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